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Promise Me Forever

Determined to escape her stepfather's cruelty and drinking, twenty-two year old Elizabeth O Hara takes off from Boston with her young brother and sister for Welcome, Montana, an idyllic community, according to an article she s read in the newspaper.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth soon discovers the article is a fabrication. Out of money and seeking work, she disguises herself as a nun and enters a rundown saloon. There she meets Ben Ricker, a local rancher and author of the truth-stretching news article.

The Legacy

June 1887Jeremiah Dalton arrives in Lowdown, Texas to claim his inheritance and discovers that his father’s will has conditions attached. He has six months to learn the ranching business or lose everything—and he must rely on the help of foreman Abigail Wilcox, the most ornery woman ever to cross his path. Meanwhile, several accidents aimed at Jeremiah make it clear someone at the ranch wants him gone—either heading back East in defeat, or in a pine box.

Never wed, considered a harlot by many, and raising her daughter Clarissa on her own, Abigail believed a slick-talking Easterner years ago, and all it got her was heartache. Amid increasing danger, Abigail and Jeremiah work together, fall in love and ultimately defeat the killer.

Outlaw Hearts Read an excerpt

As a child, Rebekah Benson found half of a gold medallion inside her doll, a gift from her deceased parents, who had been missionaries to the Abenaki Indians in Maine . At age twenty-four, Rebekah heads to America in search of answers. She arrives in Londonderry , New Hampshire , and finds the other half of the medallion—hanging around the neck of Zachariah Thompson, a local man condemned to hang in two days for a murder he did not commit.

Their growing attraction gradually transforms them from rivals over the medallion to partners and then to lovers. Together, they seek the meaning of the medallion’s mysterious symbols: A map to a hidden treasure? A message from Rebekah’s parents? Or—as Rebekah comes to believe—evidence of mystical powers that have brought her and Zachariah together? 

As the mystery unravels and Rebekah finally learns the medallion's secret, she finds a link to her past that will forever change her life.

A Long Walk Home Read an excerpt

A Long Walk Home is a book about three very different women, Annie Jacobs, her former mother-in-law Violet, and Annie's niece Summer, who bridge the generation gap and grow to love and respect one another.

Annie thought she had the perfect marriage. But then her husband died suddenly eighteen months ago, and she discovered he'd been unfaithful. Now she's started a new relationship that is complicated by her former mother-in-law's interference and her niece's arrival.

Violet has strong ideas about morality and what it means to be a good person. She doesn't know her son was unfaithful to Annie, so it seems to her that her former daughter-in-law has fallen into another man's arms and bed too quickly. Then Annie's niece arrives and all Violet's efforts to straighten out the rude teenager fail.

Summer, Annie's thirteen year old niece, has had a tough life. When her drug-addicted mother, Dana, goes into a rehabilitation program, Summer finds herself dumped onto the doorstep of her do-good aunt she barely remembers. Summer yearns to return to her friends and the only life she knows. So what if that life includes stealing, partying, and defiance of all adult supervision.

Winner Takes All Read an excerpt

Recipe for chaos: Start with a raffle for one brand-new Winnebago, a dishonest Winnebago dealer who doesn't intend to part with the prize, a virus-infected computer that spits out two winning tickets. Add Thomas O'Leary and Karen Ann Brown, opposites who instantly dislike each other. Pack them into a motor home for thirty days with three misbehaved boys, a Siamese cat, and a black lab. Let them fight it out in a highly publicized tour, "Survivor" style.

Both Thomas and Karen will do anything to win the grand prize. But the more days-and nights-they spend in each other's company, not to mention the three boys, one dog, one cat, a possible stalker, and hordes of reporters following their every move, the more they realize that there is a much bigger prize at stake-each other.

Mixed Blessings Read an excerpt

When Monique St. Cyr's mother, erotic fiction author, Ann Marie, leaves on a three-month honeymoon, Monique is certain her life is about to improve: that is until old-fashioned Aunt Lilly and deaf Gramps move into the duplex next door—boxes of her mother's ripped erotic books show up on Monique's doorstep with threatening notes—and her aunt and her best friend end up pregnant.

While Monique struggles to balance her career and her romance with gorgeous cop, Jake Dube, his ex-fiancée announces she wants him back. Monique wages the battle of her life, sometimes with hilarious consequences, providing many laughs for readers of this romantic comedy.

Getting Personal Read an excerpt

Sometimes good intentions aren't enough. No one knows that better than Monique St. Cyr, parochial school dropout, dieter extraordinaire, and want-to-be investigative reporter with pit bull tenacity and a habit of leaping headlong before she looks. Monique, obituary writer for a tabloid-style newspaper in Portland, Maine, lives next door to her mother, Anne Marie, an erotic fiction author. Anne Marie enlists Monique's help to do research for her next book about couples who meet online...by filling out several personals for her daughter. Monique is swamped with emails, and her life gets even more complicated when she meets Jake Dube, a policeman with a wicked grin and a heated gaze.

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